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Sholai hate this guy! Sucian Shaper discovers how to dissolve items from junk bag

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If you're like me, your junk bag tends to get full of pointless junk now and then. Mutagen has a neat feature where you can sell all valuables from your junk bag but you will inevitably be forced to discard things from it manually if you ever let actual junk get in.

Using good ol' cheat engine I've made a little .exe trainer that lets you delete your junk bag contents. Maybe it'll help you out.


How to use: Run the .exe file, then, in game, press , to enable it. The first slot of your junk bag will become blank. What this means is that in a town, you can click that slot and it will immediately remove the next item in line. You can thus empty your bag with a few clicks as opposed to annoying dragging and dropping. Once you are done, press . to disable it.

Is it safe to use: Yes, just don't let it eat your valuables by mistake. If it gets detected as something, add it to exceptions. It's just an exported cheat engine script. Extremely simple stuff.

Why not just make it delete everything instantly: Because then I'd have to find the adresses of like 50 slots or however many the junk bag has, and I am lazy. If you really want this, ask for it and I'll spend an hour and deliver it.

Tested on windows 10, 64 bit. If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll apply the necessary measures. (For now it just uses a set address instead of detecting anything in the game).

Grab the file here.

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