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Geneforge1 - is exploding pyroroamers not awarding experience points upon death by design?


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Hmm if that’s because of being over leveled ,I’m surprised it’s come to that as there’s not too many areas one could explore that’s not filled with overpowering mobs in torment mode.it sounds as if I have to pretty much hit the tombs maps right after ellhrah’s keep , skipping majority of the northern areas first , in order to reap the exp in the Tombs.


@Mechalibur that explains it then , although lv 2 mob at that stage of quest progression is kinda Low 😑

the text box in my game doesn’t show info like I’m overlevelled iirc .where else does that info show up ?

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The text console will tell you how much xp you get when you kill something, but not the internal calculations for it. The amount of xp you get depends on the level difference between you and the creature you killed:


0 - 20xp
-1 - 14xp
-2 - 10xp
-3 - 4xp
-4 - 2xp
-5 - 1xp
-6 - 0xp
+1 - 22xp
+2 - 24xp
+3 - 26xp
+4 - 28xp
+5 - 30xp

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