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Playing as Pacifist, no spoilers please


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Hi there, 
Long time lurker, first time poster. The OG Geneforge series is one of my all-time favorites, so I was excited when the first remake was released. I just finished my first playthrough and really like the changes in this version. For my next run, I'm eager to try to play as a Pacifist. (Gotta earn those medals, right?) I have some questions in my mind about what constitutes a hostile act, and what does not. 


  1. I assume that just entering combat mode is not a problem. Can you use spells like Daze since they do no actual damage? (I'm guessing no) 
  2. What about creating a volatile thahd and dispatching it to explode some mines? Or some enemies?
  3. Can you do things that indirectly cause harm to an enemy if you are not attacking them directly? Example: causing a power spiral to explode and a nearby enemy takes damage? Or getting help from NPCs as long as you do not fire a shot yourself?
  4. I'm sure there must be areas that you just can’t turn green because they require combat. How much of a problem is this for navigation? Can you still turn enough green to go from place to place as needed? It would be painful repeatedly thread your way through a combat-required area.
  5. Do you gain fewer levels since you take out fewer enemies? This would make it harder to get those precious skill points, but maybe you don’t need as many if you do no combat?
  6. Any other tips that would be helpful?


I know there is another thread that describes very specifically how to do this, but I intentionally did not read it (yet). I like to try to solve things myself first before checking the spoilers to see how I could have done it better. So tell me it's ok to do X as a pacifist, but don't tell me that X will get you through zone Y under what circumstances. 


Many thanks!


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1. Mental spells are still considered an attack. You can see it when you look at experience as number of attacks are below it.

2. Jeff eliminated using your creations too even if they just stand there and die cheerfully. 

3. Power spirals are fine as in Crag Valley. NPCs can be used like Seerula and the guards in Watchhill.

4. Some areas will never go green, but there are enough to usually have a continuous route through most of the game.


Worst is sneaking through Thorny Fens and Pentil Woods, twice to snag the Clear Pentil Gates quest before going through the Pentil Plains.


5. You will never get the levels of a combat game, but you gain more experience because you are at a lower level.

6. Above normal difficulty most creations have a leap to target ability. Dragging creations towards guards becomes a pain as for instance thads in Watchhill. So have plenty of different saves in case you want to try again after that happens.

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It makes it harder to use creations because they can't attack without breaking the pacifist challenge, it is harder to use stealth to sneak past obstacles, and they can go rogue and attack you if they get damaged. Their only purpose would be to soak up damage which you are trying to avoid.

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