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How do I invade that Nephilim fortress, in the early game?

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In the very first quest, you have to invade a Nephilim fortress through a back entry. I found that back entry, invaded the fort, putted an end to those [Redact] kitties. But, then... to access the rest of the fort and finish the question, you need to find out the password to get past a portcullis; HOW THE HECK DO I FIND THIS PASSWORD?! I've been roaming around the fort for more than half a hour now and no sign of this [redact] password!!!

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Don't swear because it is against the Code of Conduct.


Back when they first invaded the Fort that you start at, they drop a satchel with a map. Read the map(in your inventory by clicking on it to use) and it has the password on it.


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