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Agent with a Reaper


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Hello all, I thought I'd report on my experience so far. I'm on my second playthrough. I play on Casual. In my first game I was a melee Guardian and I found the game enjoyable but frustrating. I had trouble figuring out what I was supposed to be doing, I got beat up a lot, and my creations were killed within three rounds in 90% of fights so I used them mainly as distractions which actually did help in fighting mobs. I did manage to join the Awakened, use the Geneforge, and get off the island. But it was not very satisfying. 


Now I'm about 75% through as an Agent and I'm having a ball. I decided I would use nearly all spell canisters and no creation canisters, and would use batons a lot. I don't play spellcasters much and at first the magic seemed pretty weak but now with a few levels of Essence Lances and Airshock I'm a killing machine. At first I was putting almost all my points into Leadership/Mechanics/Stealth and that really paid off because I could get a lot done while ramping up the spell levels. 


This game I decided to find out what Reaper thorns do and I think the Reaper baton might be the best item in the game. The amount of damage it does is way more than I expected from a missile weapon. I get thorns any way I can and carry all five baton types so I can switch based on supply. 


So now I am enjoying the game a lot. It's pretty difficult to manage on the first try because there are so many subplots going on. Also I joined the Obeyers this time, and I think it's hilarious that to join the Takers you have to murder somebody but to join the Obeyers you have to randomly meet a guy who knows the leader and will put in a good word. 

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