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No creations/attacks build on Normal Difficulty + Feedback [spoilers]

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I actually did both for the same run, can't believe it worked.  I played as a guardian because of the extra health points and I'm using healing spells most of the time anyway.  The key is to prioritize leadership and mechanics at first and get 10 mech, 7 leadership after which you start getting some stealth to get through the mines and the [redacted] from the Northern Mine, and the Tinker's gloves from the [redacted].  Then you can go up and get the shaping gloves via the trapped path.  Wasn't able to get Girdle of Leadership because it was closely guarded.  Forgot where to find Soft Shoes but I didn't really need those.  


You can train your character many times by leading enemies to friends to kill them (Watchhill).  Also of course do all of the quests you can.


Anyway well designed game and I enjoyed the nonstandard playthrough.  It was challenging to dodge mobs and I did have to leave many areas behind.  I wouldn't do this on torment because of the instakill mechanics (leaping thahds).


Oh I stole Rakkhus' horde (Drayk Vale), and she didn't attack though she did warn when I went in there.  This is after I paid her to keep her pets from hunting me.  Is this a bug?


Oh would it be possible to have collection quests complete from the junk bag rather than having to dump my current items, move records/shaper equipment, turn in and pick up items again?  


I noticed that the rough crystals don't get sold to regular vendors.  Could this also apply to shaper records and shaper equipment as well so we could basically keep it all in the junk bag without accidentally selling the equipment?

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1 hour ago, Mechalibur said:

If you have 6+ Stealth, you can sneak into Rhakkus' horde without her noticing. Not a bug.

Jeff confirmed that when I asked on ,a Pacifist run.


It has been done on torment, but no mention of what was needed and how much more needs to be skipped.

Torment difficulty pacifist

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12 hours ago, Randomizer said:

Jeff confirmed that when I asked on ,a Pacifist run.


It has been done on torment, but no mention of what was needed and how much more needs to be skipped.

Torment difficulty pacifist


It's actually not too demanding to do it on Torment, if you are like me and willing to reload over and over. I had quite a few inefficiencies in my run, namely:

- playing as Agent

- never joining a faction

- using only the heal/firebolt canisters (in fact, the only time I used shielding/battle pods was to tank a mine in the Barrens Bunker)

- ending level 14 with 31 skill points (after destroying the Geneforge, so more like 21)

yet another edit:

- 45 extra living tools


I managed to loot quite a large amount of good gear, but I don't think much is truly "needed" in order to attain a good ending. The general idea is exactly as OP described - I'll note that I was basically reloading every time an enemy triggered combat mode. Torment was the first difficulty I tried with this but I don't feel as if I skipped anything substantial -- I am not 100% certain but am willing to bet every zone with a non-combat clear condition should be able to be completed on both Normal and Torment. My final pacifist map is mostly green (though I never bothered to venture into the wastes).


Unfortunately as a no-creation pacifist there are many combat-required goals you miss out on (complete Cockatrice Research, discover the great secret?, kill Goettsch, etc.). I'm currently attemping a "normal" Torment with no canisters (well, only Firebolt). It's a bit of a wild ride.

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