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compass points


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Anyone know why the points of the compass are in the corners of the game screen? Usually they are up, down,left, right for most games. I'm glad there is the TAB button to reveal the points because I forget all the time. I also wish that that button was a toggle, on or off. I would like to have that information displayed all the time.

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7 minutes ago, Noman said:

I wonder why the terrain view is oriented diagonally. Just curious.


It's a very rare thing but if you trip while wandering around, because you're already leaning diagonally, your momentum can carry you right off the edge of the world & into the void... (only works in the far eastern zones & only when you're above ground.  If you trip while in say, Holding Two, you're just going to smash your face into the wall)


Jeff's kind of a sadistic jerk for having your character spend eternity falling into limbo, but whatcha gonna do? (I mean other than watching where you put your feet)

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