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Key for door behind Taker Leader Gnorrel [without joining the Takers?]


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Just now, mikeprichard said:

I'm surprised you of all people didn't guess this - kill 'er. That's the only other way.




I tried all dialogue options, none of them initiate combat... I even killed that cook who wanted to die and those temple guys outside?


Still nothing really initiates combat with her so then how to kill her?

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2 minutes ago, mikeprichard said:

RedBeard, please at least let the ornks live. Something needs to survive to tell others what you did here, so it can never happen again.


muwuhaaaa! I am THE Insane RedBeard, the Terror of Avadon, Master of Black Fortress, Defender of the Realm.... Foes treble in fear hearing my name! 


and you expected mercy from me?

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