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Weak barrier in cave with alien blade in exile 1

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It's impossible to get the Alien Blade except through the character editor in Exile 1. In the Exile series, barrier strength is set by town/dungeon level, not barrier by barrier. The blade is on that body between the barriers, but Jeff, the developer, neglected to include a way to reach it.

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Hello simon-12345,


Sorry that you’ve been bashing your head against those barriers! Unfortunately, you’ve stumbled onto an old urban myth. There are a few of those floating around, especially for some of Spiderweb’s earlier games – and this is a particularly persistent one!


So, to be clear, the Alien Blade is not in the dungeon with the barriers.


It’s actually not in a dungeon at all! It’s carefully hidden in the outdoors, although you’ll need an important item to reach it. Let me know if you’d like a further hint as to where to look. Given where you’ve been looking, you’re not that far away!


Regarding the dungeon you’ve been exploring, there is indeed no way through either set of barriers. This was changed in later remakes of the games, but the barriers are impenetrable in Exile I. The body placed between them is just a decoy! If by some arcane magic you found a way across, you wouldn’t find anything there. There’s nothing at all on the body. The Almighty Doer of Stuff was mistaken on that point.


Likewise, the rest of the map past the barriers is just placed there to show that the cave goes somewhere you can’t reach. But that’s all. Amusingly, the design in that section is very bare bones, doing only what’s needed to make it work on the player’s map. The walls aren’t even connected together properly!


To reiterate, there is an Alien Blade in Exile I. But it's not where you're looking!

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Oh, really? Fascinating. I recall it being somewhere else in A1:EftP, come to think of it. I was googling around though, and someone said there was a script to get the Alien Blade off that body, findable only by hex-editing. It may have been a decoy, though, come to think of it. Anaximander taking his clothes off is in the code for Exile 3 but that's not attached where it claims to be either. Thankfully.

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33 minutes ago, The Almighty Doer of Stuff said:

It may have been a decoy, though, come to think of it.


I suspect it was just someone misunderstanding the game's text. There's only one piece of text directly referring to an Alien Blade in the game's code, and it relates to the one you can pick up in the game. Since it talks about finding the weapon on a body, the post you were reading probably just confused the issue, and assumed it was the body in the Barrier Tunnel. It's not!


I'm sure the urban myth that talks about the weapon being there didn't help either!

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So I looked around for a bit and this game is way to big and I don't have the patience to check every single wall in the outdoors. I finished the game a while ago and completed everything but four dungeons so I am super curious to find out where the alien blade is. Could someone post the location of the blade please?



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This is a map from Avernum: Escape From The Pit. The Alien Blade is at marker (a). I believe it's in the same place in Exile: Escape From The Pit, although some of the details vary.




EDIT: Just checked. Yes, it's there, but unlike in Avernum: Escape From The Pit, there's no ledge to land on. You need to fly directly into the northern wall.

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