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I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough of Geneforge: Mutagen, and I can't seem to find the tablets Swanwick wants you to find to be able to make a cockatrice. His dialogue indicates they're in the quarters areas of the research warrens, and mousing over the research quarters on the island map shows that quest marker, but I've searched the entirety of that area multiple times, checking all containers, and I can't find any tablets. The only thing I haven't done in that area is kill Akkat, and I doubt that that's necessary to get the tablets. Does anyone know where they are?

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(This should actually be in the Mutagen subforum, but...)



There are two or three of the bigger, ornate chests in Research Quarters. I believe that the Cockatrice tablets are in the chest directly south of Akkat's nest.


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27 minutes ago, BrainGlucose said:

OK.  Cockatrices completed.  Swanwick instructed, so that Alonzo could die.  The door in Alonzo's chamber still does not open - will it ever?

Nope. It's just for show.

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