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Achievements on the gog.com version


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I raised the same question on GOG forums: https://www.gog.com/forum/geneforge_series/does_geneforge_1_mutagen_support_achievements_like_the_store_page_says


I asked GOG support about this a couple of days ago but no answer so far. I just contacted Spiderweb support as well. In summary, the store page mentions achievement support and your GOG profile shows completion percentage for the game (always 0%) but no achievements in the list. I played the game a bit on GOG and unlocked the first in-game medal (completed the tutorial) but no GOG achievement. I tested on both Windows and Mac.


Looks like either the store page is inaccurate for now, or the achievement list is still missing/hidden on GOG. Also, the Steam version had an issue unlocking achievements (already fixed) so it could be that as well for the GOG version.

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It's strictly in-game, it seems. In Galaxy, when I click on the My Progress button, it shows:


Achievements N/A.


When you hover over it, there's a tooltip that reads, "This game does not have achievement support".


I think if you want cheevos, your best bet is probably to buy it direct from Spiderweb. They say they'll give you a plain download and include a Steam key. So you get the best of both worlds.



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