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Just wondering if there's a character editor as there are in some of Jeff's other games. I know we can do retrain and exp cheats but I'd love to be able to go in and make edits to stats outside of that for role playing purposes (e.g. playing as a naturally gifted mechanic who landed on the island or as a person naturally blessed with agility)

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Not in game, but you can edit starting skills in the game scripts, I imagine (GFitemschars). I have no experience doing this, but it has starting skills listed out, so it should work in theory - Mechanics seems to be cr_statistic 21. Just remember to back up any files you're editing.

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Like the above reply mentioned, just edit the "GFitemschars.txt" file and go to "cr_name = "Shaper";" (or Agent/Guardian if playing that class).

The skills will be underneath as "cr_statistic", and you can edit your starting health/essence/energy as well (you must make a new character to have the edits work).



    cr_statistic 0 = 99;
    cr_statistic 1 = 99;
    cr_statistic 2 = 99;
    cr_statistic 3 = 99;
    cr_statistic 4 = 99;


Now when you make a new character you'll have 99s in the primary stats (Strength, Intelliegence, etc.).

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1 hour ago, Fyora et Labora said:

Be aware -- those edits will likely apply to many other creatures in the game as well; some of the PC definitions are imported for many NPCs and enemies.



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