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What exactly are the tracked reputations? The ones for mother, Owen/Mascha, Ukat, and Ahriel, and magnanimous/hard rulership are fairly obvious, but it seems like there are more. Is there a general Vol reputation separate from Owen/Mascha? Is there something similar for the Ahriel underclass/overclass, or are those different outcomes just quest-gated? There seems to be a reputation for formality/informality, does that mean anything at all? Or is that part of another one, maybe mother's or magnanimous/hard? The Nisse don't have one, do they?

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I don't know the mechanics of QW so I can't say for certain...but, I think you hit on most/all of them.  The Nisse probably do have one depending on how you treat them/choices you make at the end game (maybe if you buy dreams?).  Other than that though, I doubt there are as things would start to get really complicated really quickly for any game moving forward if those are used in the new game (as Jeff wants to do). 


As it is right now there are at least 5 populations (the three tribes, Nisse, & yours) with at least a couple of reputation settings for each (who you supported (& in the Ukat there are four (?) possibilities (only two realistic ones I realize)) & how you ruled).  So if you have ten 'a' or 'b' choices (5 tribes with two each) & you have to pick one from each that gives you about 50 (? doing this in my head with looong ago learned math) different combinations.  Adding in further nuances would just make the number of unique choices go up exponentially.


So a really long way of saying 'I don't know'.  I am intrigued though on how Jeff (with driving himself into bankruptcy) is going to incorporate all those decision points into QW2 moving forward.

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