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Avernum 6 - Can't access Tower Colony Quest due to locked doors


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I have access to the ground floor, and two atriums upstairs, both with unpickable locks (above X's and Kelner's office). The quest probably requires me to go through those blocked doors, or otherwise gain access to the upper levels of the Tower.


I'm sure I've exhausted all my chat options with X, Kelner and the Sage who has given me advice on how to navigate levels I don't have the key to get to.


Any tips are gladly appreciated! Thanks (:

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It's the Aid Tower Colony quest. The Castle told me to go to the Tower Colony to help after the Great Portal fell, Kelner was the one to direct me further, telling me to go upstairs to get some items to help, but the doors upstairs are locked.


I searched and looked through the walkthroughs (to no avail) before asking here. And yes, Captain Bahgatis was the first person I spoke to (exhausted all speech options) before finding that Kelner was the go-to-person for the Aid Tower Colony Quest.

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