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Exile 3: Footracer

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Hi Everyone,


I'm now able to get into Footracer. What should be the first thing I do? My party is relatively strong and the beasts aren't that tough to battle.


Merci for the advice

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Alright, I have found a few things I'll keep poking around to see what else I can find. I'm definitely not ready yet for the keep, I need to level my weaker characters a bit first. Thanks.

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Update: I finished the game today. I guess all my grinding paid off as the final dungeon, aka the keep, was quite easy. Finally, its been decades since first playing the exile series as a kid. Note, once you go to Tinraya it's pretty much a one way trip to the end, so have everything you need. get energy potions from that random outdoors shop near wainscotting.

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