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Game bug?


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I realize Avernum 5 is a super old game and no one may monitor this site or keep up with the games or not. . . but here goes:  I'm replaying it and am in the last stages of Soultaker's Pit.  I understand that it's a tough fight, but I think something has gone glitchy with my game.  I know you have to fight multiple skeletal warriors that possess your players one a time for a number of rounds.  That's supposed to be followed by shades prior to fighting the Soultaker itself.  I have fought the warriors for 25 minutes without getting to the next stage, and I'm wondering if that's how it's supposed to be or if my old game is acting up.  Thanks.

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That does sound awfully long.  I'm not sure how exactly the game could be acting up, though.


Can you post the specific sequence of what happens in a loop?  Both what the game does and what commands you enter.


I know that's a big ask but I'm not really sure what else to suggest.  Maybe find a video of the fight and see if anything is different from what you are doing.

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