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A3:RW Difficulties on hard mode

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Hello all


I just played A1:EftP and A2:CS on normal and have now started A3:RW on hard, because normal was a bit easy.


I'm not sure if that was a wise decision. 


My party consists of 1 DW, 2 mages and 1 priest. I'm currently - I think - on level 3 and have defeated the bandits and goblins by the skin of my teeth. 
In New Formella, these alien spiders and worms wipe me out in no time. Daze or not, I don't feel like I can hit anything. 

To cut a long story short, is this normal on hard mode and do I just have to be more patient or am I just too stupid?




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On the harder difficulties, there are some fights that you have to wait until you are a level or two higher. It is annoying because you are still in what is considered the easy part of the game, but there are a few areas that aren't meant to be done, yet.


Way north of the bandits is one such area and where you are is another harder area.


Good luck exploring.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It just gets in the way with reality. :)

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Also bear in mind that with a magic heavy party (the way I usually play btw), until you can build up your endurance a bit, they can't take much damage.  Hit & run for dungeons (not outdoor encounters though) is a good strategy.  Go to surface, find the unicorns, go in, kill a few & run back to Ft Emergence to heal, rinse, lather, repeat until you reach the point where you would get slaughtered now & come back later.  Go find & wipe out some of the wandering slimes.  You get a (very small) bit of experience for discovering towns/dungeons so go explore a bit while avoiding fights if possible.  Friendly towns have doors & chests that can be unlocked for xp, etc. The beginning is tough while magic heavy, but once they can start really dealing damage then things will get much better/easier. Daze is vital.  Use your first mage to blast the monsters & then the 2nd to stun them into missing a turn.


One big change to be aware of is that area of effect spells effect 'everyone' in the zone, including your guys.  You'll need to offset the rear guys to miss zapping your frontline guys too.


At the top of the forum is a link to 'Strategy Central'.  There's a lot of good advice in there about how to survive (also a bunch of spoilers so bear that in mind too if it's a concern)


Have fun, it 'will' get better (& if you absolutely can't get past 'x' & you can't come back later - you can always reduce the difficulty through game options & then reset it once you get through that spot)

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Thanks guys


With a lot of patience and even more reloading I was able to wipe out everything except for the chitrachs. I have now gone to the surface and explore there first of all everything - it is slowly getting better.


The thing with the friendly fire I had to experience painfully right at the first fight. Only one thing still makes me a little pensive. If I needed about 50 hours for the first two games, now I probably need 150.

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If you've done everything except the chitrach infestation (& I'm assuming the stuff in the various side tunnels up by Erika) ... you're more than strong enough to go out & bask in the sun/thump some surface monsters. 


I doubt that it will take 150 hours, but probably over 100 as A3RW is 'huge'.  You certainly don't have to do/explore everywhere to finish the game, but even a streamlined run through will take quite a while.


Enjoy as it's a great story/game

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  • 2 weeks later...

70 hours real time and 80 days in game I have defeated the Troglos and Giants and still so many places to revisit cause of missing DB3, but - Northern Provinces, I'm coming 😈


I love these SW games and really looking forward to Avernum 4-6


btw - concealed tunnels was a pain in the ***. I fought the Troglos and Giants for an hour and it never ended. Then I had to fall back on a save and just marched down.

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2 hours ago, Anderl said:

btw - concealed tunnels was a pain in the ***. I fought the Troglos and Giants for an hour and it never ended.


If you're talking about the chamber underneath/in between the giants & trogolos ... yeah it doesn't ever end if you stay in the chamber.  Fight off the initial rush while making a break towards one of the t/g exits (I usually head towards the giants as I've already cleared out their temple to get the map to reach the tunnel.  Once you get out to either the giant or trogolo side you can then go back (in case you didn't get something earlier...) and the only foes there will be the ones that were left behind when you ran out before (I think, it's been a while).


(if you want to go clear out the upper trogolo castle, that's a good way to get back into it.)

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I did it!

That was a tough job. More than 100 hours of real time, but I think I did all the quests. I made a big mistake and forgot to look at my notes. Killing Judith in Shayder before she could tell me her secret was a stupid idea - reload and many hours for nothing.


Conclusion: A great game and I almost enjoyed it the most of the three so far.


Thanks again to everyone for your tips.


P.S.: Is this 160d event worth it? I'd have to get around 20 days.



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You probably want to load an old save game from near the end game & putz around for the 20 days just to see it at least once. 


Easy way of doing so.  Get a book, load game, hold down space bar while reading book, occasionally check to see what day it is... (save when you get close so that you don't accidentally blow through the assorted notifications/story bits)

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