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Scroll of Bitter Loss

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Usually I just discard the various cursed scrolls and potions that I come across, but on a whim I tried using a Bitter Loss scroll to see exactly what would happen. My character was hit with acid (easily cured) and lost some health (easily healed). He also lost 3200 experience points and gained 10 skill points. For most of the game this would be a terrible trade-off, since that much experience would be enough to add 2 - 3 levels (depending on character traits) and therefore 12 - 18 skill points.

It seems to me, however, at the end of the game, when you no longer expect to level up any further, the loss of experience wouldn't make any practical difference, and the skill points could come in handy. Now I'm wishing I had held on to the Bitter Loss scrolls I discarded earlier, just so I could play around with this idea.

Has anybody actually tried this? Is there a down side I am overlooking?

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