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Golem factory upper level

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I've been wandering around here for quite a while (the floor where the red beams turn on and off at intervals) and all I've managed to accomplish is killing everyone except my cleric multiple times and using a lot of energy potions. And turning those impassible areas where 3 red beams cross off and then on again, a couple times. I've uncovered almost all of the floor on the map and I'm no closer to turning off the beam that blocks the stairs up to the next level, or even knowing if that's what I need to do here.


What do I do? Thanks.


EDIT: I'm not as pissed as the person who posted 6 weeks ago about the beams on this level, but yeah, it's extremely tedious. If anything would get me to drop the game without finishing, it would be this.

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When I play A3RW I generally skip the Golem Factory just because it 'is' so tedious/annoying.  Unless you're an 'OCD/got to complete everything' type of player, don't quit the game, just bypass this plague & head for the source/start of the end game.


So I'm no help with your actual question other than to point you towards the "Strategy Central" at the top of the page where that might be covered (or a search out in the wider internet will probably turn up a walkthrough or two for the game) ... which is probably a better solution/help than my above 'just skip the dumb thing...'

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This area is tedious, but on that level you need to reach a control panel in the southwest corner. Two important buttons to turn off are for places marked: Alpha and Star to allow access to the stairs to the top level from that level and a passage on the lowest level to reach the remaining power spiral that needs to be destroyed before you do the top level. Some of the other buttons will make it easier for the final fight.


From the Hint Book:

"Grid Beta", "Grid Alpha", "Shielding First", "Shielding Second", and "Generator Fuses". Set "Generation Intensity" to Low.

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