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Important and i need answer in Avernum Escape From The Pit

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Guys in avernum South of village of monstrey thire is kind slith you need to help them to get a strong bow in the mission you found a large gate that Can`t be opened 

i read and it says the goes to slithzerkie land and it is not a normal gate it is a portal my question is is thire any way to get inside the portal or somthing like that and why thire is this kind

of portal that didn`t minsion in any other part of avernum...........



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No, you can't get past the portal. If you find all the metal triangles and put them in place in the gate before that, though, you can talk to Legare the slith, and he'll eventually grant you access to the bow in that box.


I'm pretty sure that's how you get the bow, at least. I know you can't travel to the deeper slithzerikai lands though.

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