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Why are the previously opened secret passages permanently shut upon returning to a dungeon?

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In Escape from the pit, I tried various missions to start...completing what i could and planning to comeback to others once i'm stronger...only to find out that any mission i started and where i opened a secret door...now has said door seemingly permanently closed...in some cases making the mission impossible to complete!!!


Example: "Nepharim  Prisoners" quest 

An early quest given by Mayor Steele in Cotra...where you need to sneak in the Neparim Underground Fort through a secret passage to release the 10 prisoners...

My party was still too weak to complete the mission...so i decided to get back to it later...only to come back and find that the secret passage cannot be opened again!...cannot open the main gate from the outside....can't do a thing...

It is the same in other missions...super frustrating and disappointing!

I love the Avernum series...but this really blows my mind...either you complete the mission on the 1st try or you are out of luck...I only played the 1st game many years ago and don't remember encountering such a design flaw...am i missing something? (i dont think so) or is this the way it is designed? A bug?

In a game that is all about free roaming and exploration....i find this to be a fatal flaw....help me understand or to fix this please!

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You should be able to push on the switch/button that opened up the passage the first time & it should open up once again.  Now if you leave the area/dungeon, doors will close/passages will seal up/etc, but you should be able to open them back up when you return.  If I have time later/before someone else comes along with a better answer, I'll load up the game & check, but things shouldn't work (or not work as the case may be) that way.


/welcome to the forums.  You're supposed to leave your sanity in a box over by the door.  However given the amount of insanity around here normally, the box is probably full.   In which case just stack it on the floor underneath the box & someone will collect it soon enough...

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There are a few places where secret doors and passages are triggered by events that have dialogue messages that will indicate it is one time event. These are usually monster ambushes where they won't happen again, but what you mentioned shouldn't be happening.


I did that place the first time through so I can't help you with that location.

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This sounds like the issue someone experienced with the Final Gauntlet.


In that case, I believe it turned out to be corrupted data.  They fixed it by backing up their saves, uninstalling and reinstalling.


They might also have had to revert to a previous save -- I'm not sure.  The fact that this is affecting multiple dungeons doesn't bode well on that front.

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Well I'm delighted to see  3 replies : ) ...



I'm a little embarrassed to say that I did finally find the switch in every instance where i had encountered the issue!...


...maybe that is what happens when you play very tired at night...

(I didn't remember this from my previous foray in Avernum...but it was 15+ years ago!)


But all is not lost...

...as a by-product i did find out that this community is alive and very helpful : )


Thank You for answering my call for help!

Your answers cured me from the CONFUSED state spell that had been laid on me by the Wizard of ZZZ!


Now i can't wait to find a bit of time to escape from that pit!

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21 hours ago, Lord Alfared said:

I did finally find the switch


If you get in the habit of typing 'u' on a fairly regular basis it will pay great dividends.  'u' is 'use' and typing it will put a letter (a, b, c, etc) on anything on the screen that can be 'used' ... such as secret passage switches... (and other mundane things like chests, boxes, etc).  For those that really blend in with the walls it's a big help in finding them

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22 hours ago, TriRodent said:

If you get in the habit of typing 'u' on a fairly regular basis it will pay great dividends. 


I sometimes use 'u', but most of the time I like to avoid using it. It is quite rewarding to spot a switch. It also slows me down a bit in the game and take in all the sights instead of rushing through everything.

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