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Avernum1 Is there a way to switch the active person in battle?

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Is there a way to switch the active person in battle, so they have to wait until the rest go and then themselves, opposed to just them basically losing their turn or forcing a move you do not really want? I see in the options you can have the game either play with who is in order from top to bottom or who is the quickest with their stats.

But there are plenty of times I want to shift one character who is more useless at that moment, for another in any given situation and not lose that turn. Kind of like how the game Sid Meier's Civilization does it. Until every unit has their turn, you can skip a unit to come back to it, before the actual player's turn is over completely. 

The only other option I see or really a work around, is to have the less combat characters go first, so they have a chance in a surprise battle to summon creatures/buff their party, while the other characters are truly the first to press the attack as they are more melee or ranged combatants. But then there is the risk that battles happen more often from the front and now, especially given the terrain/boundaries/plus enemy placement, you have to now weave the fighters into the front line. Just seems like an over sight or maybe something I am simply missing. I checked the hints and did not see what I was looking for. Thank you.

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The original Exile version had a wait command that let you do that, but it got removed in the Avernum remakes. So you are limited to party order or quickest characters based on dexterity and quick action.


I go with party order and hope that my choices will work out in most situations. You could save more often and reload after seeing the fights. Then change your party order to plan for the up coming fight each time where you need something different.

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