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Just started and so far am very impressed. Seems very enjoyable and quite a relief from the Avernums. One thing is odd to me is that when an enemy is killed the body flies through the air and disappears. That's fine, just odd. I just cleared the mine to the west owned by Mugret(sp?) and had to kill some wolves on the way to the mine but received no experience for it. This I am not sure I like as it seems to remove any purpose or incentive to do so. Even a small bit of reward would stimulate incentive. Those are my pro's and con's so far but the pro's are far ahead. Looks to me like another winner!

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Welcome, glad that you're enjoying the game.


The lack of experience for wandering monsters was by design (you get it for clearing dungeons & completing quests).  You're supposed to be a prince of the realm charged with clearing out/fixing things on the continent.  Strategic level thinking rather than tactical.  Wandering monsters, while annoying, just aren't important to your overall goals (they do sometimes drop gold or other loot...).  The lack of experience is just to remind you to keep you eye on the big picture rather than running hither & yon looking for any fight you can get into.


(no idea why creatures get the proverbial boat hook when they die...)

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