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Geneforge 4 Quessa-Uss back room?


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Continuing along with my finalization of G4, as I was scouring in world (with showmeall mind you to find random straggling enemies faster), upon revisiting Quessa-Uss I noticed in the arena to the right side of the room I noticed that there's a sliding door with someone seemingly behind it. It could just be a placeholder type of thing, I ain't sure. If anyone knows what it is and/or how to access the random room it'd be great. Probably the last remaining corner I've never explored.


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14 hours ago, TheKian said:

I can't speak to what creatures or items could be behind it (although I guess Randomizer can), but I can import the terrain from G4 into my modding suite and the terrain is just an empty 3x3 square room. So most likely a cut cell for a creature intended to join the fight.


Modding suite is awesome. 

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Also, just as an addendum to Slarty’s comments, can I check something, alhoon? Is the issue one of these two things?


1. The ‘Like’ button isn’t appearing for you.

2. The button appears, but brings up an error when you click on it.


If your experience is like statement 2, I may be able to suggest a temporary fix for you.

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