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Geneforge 4 True Endgame.


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After many hours of meticulously planning out and playing through dozens of playthroughs of Geneforge 4. I have finally crafted my personal best character. I played Rebel but kept the minimum Shaper reputation needed to start the Moseh and Fens quest, so I wouldn't be locked out of a couple of goodies; I still ended up getting max Rebel reputation by the end of it. This character is a rebel warrior canister junkie with max stats and you bet I'm damn proud of him. This will probably be my final playthrough of Geneforge 4, at least for a long while. I've exhausted this game to death and reaching this height with this character means I've completely conquered this marvelous game. Level 45.

Weapon and Armor Details:

Puresteel Chestplate (Resist Effects)
Gloves of Savagery (Resist Effects)
Legs of the Tyrant (Resist Effects)
Gazerskin Boots (Resist Effects)
Symbotic Cloak (Resist Effects)
Girdle of Genius (Resist Effects)
Forbidden Band (Resist Effects)
Talisman of Might
Puresteel Shield
Master's Blade [TheKian's Artifact Mod] (Stronger Blows)

If requested I could probably make a guide on how to min max as a warrior, but anything I would come up with would probably be incredibly deritive of any other guides that exist already. 


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