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Passage of time

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2 hours ago, theloathable said:

Does anyone have an certain suggestions for areas/town I should be near on certain days?


I wouldn't worry about it too too much.  I tend to explore everywhere/do all the side quests & even with doing that I never really felt a time crunch that 'the cities are falling apart, go do 'x' RIGHT NOW...'


IIRC, even if town 'x' is destroyed/taken over any NPCs that you actually interact with/do quests for, relocate to the nearest big city so that shouldn't be an issue.


I think in all my assorted play throughs, only once have I puttered around enough so that enough time passed for 'the' big time related event to happen (ToM).  So again, time matters but not 'that' much.


(honestly in the early part of the game I kept an eye on the day counter as I was near Ft Emergence often enough that it was worth swinging by to pick up my 25gp per diem, once money wasn't so tight I really didn't check it too often)


Have fun, it's a great game

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