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Zombie courier job

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When you kill a zombie, do you get the message that "assorted parts are collected for your job" (or something like that)?  I've noticed that occasionally when I kill monster 'x' that's needed for a job with an AoE spell that the parts aren't collected.  The next time you run across a zombie, try killing it one on one (either a melee bash or a bolt of fire/smite).  Also have you looked in your journal to make sure that you actually have that job?  You may have cleared it with one of the earlier zombies but you didn't notice the quick flash of the job completion notice.  If you do still have the job, your journal should tell you that you either need to collect the parts or that they need to be delivered (if you killed one already).  Are you also going to the right person in Pergies to clear the job?

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Hopefully that will work. If not, well it should drop off your quest list once it goes unfulfilled.  You'll be locked out of that particular job dispatcher for a month but the others should be available to you (hopefully you didn't get the job at Spineridge as they seemed to have the best paying jobs available most of the time).


I just finished a replay of A3RW & noticed that some of the time with an AoE spell (in addition to not collecting needed parts) you wouldn't get experience for killed bad guys.  But sometimes you would - which makes it next to impossible to recreate for Jeff to chase it down as a bug.  It got so that I would use something like icy rain (spray?) to damage the monsters quite a bit & freeze them where they were.  Once they were worn way down & frozen then I'd switch to my guys finishing them off, safely distant, with an arrow or bolt of fire (& get the experience).  Something to keep in mind if you're trying to level up.


If you haven't seen it yet, there's a good thread in the A3RW Strategy Central on Job Board bounties & where to go to find monster 'x' (& apparently I was biatching about AoE problems three years ago...)

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