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lost games


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I have bought all the avadon, avernum, queens wish, a bundle for my son & a few others maybe.

APX a year ago I had to change computers.   I E-mailed  "orders" for new keys. NO response after 3 +

friendly requests over about a 4 week period. I got on with life figuring Spiderweb was on the brink.


Now I would like to play the avernum games agn.  How do I get keys ?  I tried again IIRC on Thurs & no

response. To complicate matters some of this mess involves fly by night 3rd parties like Steam & Humble bundle.

Steam especially sucks & makes no sense.


Bottom line is I want to play the best damn games out there. All purchased & not hacked by my sons & I know

they could.  Please help me out.

BTW I have years ago requested keys & got them within 48 hrs, great service !


73 Zeno    AKA Tom, KA1YHI, Chromacolor, Old pfart.




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@ka1yhi I would definitely email Spiderweb directly via the email TriRodent provided.  They really pride themselves on their customer support, so whoever you've been emailing, it hasn't been getting to them.


Keep in mind that if you purchase through a 3rd party retailer, Spiderweb (like all developers) doesn't actually process the order or keep the records.  Spiderweb will still try to help you, because they are awesome.  But it's a bigger ask than just "hey can you send me a new key, I purchased directly from you at this email address 5 years ago."


That said, Steam has a pretty simple interface to simply download any game you purchased in the past, even if it was years ago.  You just need to be logged in to your account.  You don't have to interact with customer support at all.  Steam is (I think?) the biggest gaming distribution platform there is -- it's pretty much the opposite of "fly by night."  (If you're having trouble installing Steam or logging in, we can try to help too, but that's not a Spiderweb problem.)


Humble Bundle, likewise, normally sends email links that remain active years later (at least 3 years anyway, I just checked one of mine).  You don't even have to log in to use those.  So if you still have access to your email history, that could be a solution too.

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Steam only has Queens Wish listed. Not opened on my computer, no place i can find to enter key.

I have already played it to the end anyhows. No big deal, I want my Avernums back not QW.

Humble Bundle has Avernum 2, 3, #3 hint book & Avadon. Of course they are still  open in my computer.


I need to restore Avernum 1, 4, 5, & 6.  I did request keys 6 or 7 days ago &  have ZERO response.

I just dont get it.  Did I piss someone off or maybe passed my allowed keys ?  PLEASE just

let me know. I have been a good customer. As you can see 8 games purchased plus a gift bundle & probably 

a few others.

BTW  I am tempted to make a real phone call ( with a 1957 WE dial phone !) but I am afraid I may

lose my temper & I DONT want to go there.


Tnx Tom



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