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Acquiring spells

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I'm doing a replay of A3 as a duo--a rebel and a hedge wizard.  My goal was to be able to train both characters in both battle and magic skills, including priest and mage spells.  I have both characters wearing strong armor for protection (and still struggling at times with endurance), but that makes them unable to cast mage spells.  Is it possible to gain enough strength so I can still use mage spells while wearing armor that's described as too heavy for mages?  Another question:  how is it possible to build up tool skill points while also building battle and magic skills enough to stay alive?  Does it simply just take longer?  Thanks!


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Mage spells are dependent on your to hit chance penalty. So Sword Mage trait and items that increase your to hit chance are what is needed and not strength. Later in the game you can find armor that doesn't have to hit penalties like Runed Plate. So at the start watch that you don't wear too many armor pieces with penalties.


Tool skill just takes time to build up because you can't split it 4 ways or dedicate one character to getting it. The trainer doesn't exist in A3 and items aren't for a while.


It's better to specialize in either magic or battle skills and not both because you start out in the game not hitting as well with battle skills and you do more damage specializing. Having both mage and priest spells is useful because mage use less spell energy to do damage than priest, but there are plenty of useful priest spells for buffing and other things. It's not possible to reach all spells in both mage and priest so at some point you have to decide what you want to do.


Good Luck.

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