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polished breastplate and celts

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I'm playing N:R... I recently got polished breastplate after the Lamp battle, but when I tried to put it on my fighter, it told me I am not sufficiently trained to do this.

I found a post from Randomizer, back in 2007, referring to original Nethergate:
"The polished breastplate and all plate mail are only wearable by Romans. This is to provide some game balance since Celts are now allowed to wear up to chain mail."

Is this still true in Resurrection??  Or do I just need to boost his stats in some way?

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In the original game, I think they could use Armor Use skill to reduce encumbrance. Then there was the Defense skill to avoid the need for armor.


The NR game has a work-around for Celts:

Armor Use (Roman cost: 1, Celt Cost: 3) - Enables you to wear and get benefit from
bulky armor. The more of this skill you have, the more your armor protects you. Also
keeps your armor from slowing you down and taking your action points in combat.

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