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Exile Crystal Souls - Where to Get Crypt Shrooms

Traute Springer-Yakar

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Because Crypt Shrooms are an alchemical ingredient, your best bet is to find a spot somewhere in the outdoors where you can harvest them. Thankfully, there’s one in a reasonably convenient spot, although you’ll need to complete a quest to gain access to it!



There’s a patch of Crypt Shrooms in the Gremlin Glade, which is found slightly to the northeast of Silvar, about the half the distance to Fort Duvno. In order to enter the Glade to harvest the Shrooms, however, you’ll need to complete a quest given to you by the Gremlins. Be warned! This quest will send you some distance away, and into fairly hostile territory, so you probably won’t gain access to the patch until your party’s worked through some of the easier quests in this portion of the game.


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Outdoors? I thought they might be found  in a crypt. Outdoors? My bet is on the Tower of the Magi quest.  More time, as my party is still lvl 6 hunting for random encounter.

BTW I found another good use for 'wound'. Fighting Garzahd my caster ran out of smoky crystals. I had three fighters with low lvl priest skills and, of course, a high lvl priest. I had them gang up on Garzahd and shower him with 'wound' spells. They got him in about four rounds. 'Wound' was the only spell he wasn't immune to.

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