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A3: Can't activate endgame at Keep of Rentar-Ihrno

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Hi everyone,


I cannot seem to activate the end of game; I must be doing something wrong. I was wondering if you could help let me know what I need to do to finish the game?


So I cleared out Rentar-Ihrno's (RI) keep and I reset all the beams on the level below the Keep. I then went to her throne room for the final battle. Erika appeared and, as she distracted RI, I went to the control panel. Once I entered the right sequence on the control panel (Load Slime Compounds Button, then the Refocus Beams button, then Begin Process button), I get a message that says that the slime is dumped away and I am "back to square one".


I thought perhaps I had missed a control for the beams and therefore they weren't correctly aligned. So I loaded a saved game and went to the throne room.


This time, on the control panel, I immediately pressed Emergency Beam Cease Button to reset the beams. Then I fled the throne room and went down each of the four staircases to move all of the control levers again. Once finished, I went back to the throne room. I went to the the control panel to enter the "correct" sequence and...same message about the slime and being back to square one.


The game doesn't seem to end. I can either continue fighting RI or I can flee the Keep. But nothing after that; I'm just wandering around. Any ideas?





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I remember having this problem during one of my playthroughs of the game. Not all of the beam control panels need to be activated, so that tripped me up. You have to look and make sure all the beams are making it to the middle. I'm not sure if this is your problem, but I know it's something that had me stuck.

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That was it! As you say, you don't have to move all of the levers for the beams to reach the crystals. In case anyone finds this in future, make sure you use the windows beneath RI's Keep to check the beams are hitting the four crystals in the middle of the level.


Ah, thank you so much! It would have annoyed me for a long time if I'd not been able to finish the game.



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