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Microsoft just bought Zenimax (owner itself of Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios and many others)


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I'd hate to draw the ugly side of politics into this, so let me say that I do not care who holds what office. Failure to uphold anti-trust goes back a LONG ways, way before any current abuser of public funds and trust. There is a continual argument, mostly from one side - but sides don't matter, because they're all in on it - that anti-trust legislation hampers the right of a business to succeed. These arguments generally fail to acknowledge that monopolistic enterprises are usually far from vulnerable. Also, everything else they ignore when they push that narrative. Anti-trust laws were enacted because the people - at least the People of the United States - at one time very clearly saw what overpowering corporations do when they get too big. A game company is an annoyance in this concern. Every time I hear about telecom mergers, defense mergers, etc., it just freaks me right out.

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That's because it's more profitable to sell for an annual fee by forcing "upgrades" than one time for each computer. The old sale model is gone to make way for a steady profit stream. Now you don't always own what you buy by download.


I was happy with my older operating system until I could no longer access web sites because the older browser is no longer supported or upgraded.

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