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Exile 3: Schedule of Crumbliness

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I looked at the walkthroughs and hintguides in the forum header and did a bit of googling. I can't find how long it takes for surface cities to crumble. I'm surprised this information isn't easier to find. Does anyone know how long it takes to do how much damage? I know we used to have a list somewhere. I remember reading it... There are also two time-based events in the underworld, as I understand.

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Avernum 3 remake time counter for towns has a list of day that Slarty found from the scripts. The Exile games are probably similar.


There are the Formello murders and the Orb theft which I think are quest related and not so much a time event. The Tower of Magi event is timed, but it depends upon the game with Exile and Avernum 3 being after day 110 and the remake taking place later.

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