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(Escape from the pit) Locked out of the scimitar and some misc questions

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So I've owned this game for a loong time, but U've only played it in short spurts so my progress has been super slow. 

Anyway, my question is this: to join the scimitar the scimitar i'm askedo destroy an orb in a goblin cave with a hudden empire base. The thing is that I had already gone through that a long time ago (i don't even remember what i did with the orb). Coming back to it now, I'm not prompted to do anything. But the scimitar guy keeps urging me to go there. Did i break the quest?

Also in the same cave, there is a hidden switch on the other side of a small pool of water. I have no idea how to get there.

BTW, does killing the demon in the tower of magi without the demon slayer have any negative effect? I haven't been able to find the last piece of it and it seems I was only able to vanish it not kill it, I still got the achievement, though.

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You probably didn't break the Scimitar quest , but yo might have missed an area in the southeast with the orb. You need to flip a lever on the east side to switch teleport locations in that zone. So it's possible that you only cleared part of the place and didn't no it..

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Okay,  I was wrong about that spot, I dug out an old game to look.


In the east part of the Gremlin Cave is the Empire Outpost. In the large room with 3 smaller rooms, you need to go into the southwest room and use the hidden switch on the north wall to open a hidden passage and use another hidden switch to get to the one in your image.

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