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GF1 - Who needs a stick?


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So with the remake coming up, I decided to replay the original with a challenge. Playing on torment difficulty so it counts, Slarty. A melee guardian as an Advanced Dungeons and Dragon monk where I don't use a sword or even a stick for melee and avoid range attacks as long as possible. This means getting melee weapons to 30 by the end of the Demo and having quick action at 21 later on in the game.


It turns out this wasn't as hard a challenge. I could do almost half the game before needing to do a range attack. Damage isn't as great as using a weapon and I missed out on the bonuses. The reason for range attacks was this was the only way past turret and pylons with overlapping attack areas. 


Southbridge was the first with the bridge and northeast room in the cave. The Underground River north of the sunken bridge, and the Guarded and Patrolled Bridges both have reaper turrets. The Patrolled Dell needs spray crystals to deal with groups of Sholai warriors. Eventually it was easier to use batons to pick off creations and Sholai to speed up the game or spray crystals for the Icewalls spawners.


In the end I even explored the challenge area, Shaper Crypt, before dealing with Trajkov and Goettsch to control the Geneforge.


I shamelessly used leadership at 12 to make fights easier especially in the Great Temple. Mechanics was 21 before the Tinker's Gloves. I was level 23 with 12 unused skill points.


There's even a dopamine high from slapping around creations. :)

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