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iPhone demo?


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The game seems to be available only on the Apple App Store, so you must buy it to play it. There is no demo for either the iPad or iPhone versions that I am aware of.


In case you are interested, the iPad version is very smooth. What is a bit surprising is that Jeff was able to do the same thing with the iPhone version. I could not believe how he managed to make everything available that you need on such a small screen. He really deserves kudos for the design job. Also, it is very easy to switch between the two iOS devices at will.

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Well doh! Why didn't I have the following thought when "marnick" asked about an iPhone demo back in August?


All he has to do is download the Mac or PC demo on his laptop. The save files can't be transferred (as far as I know) to an iOS device, but a couple of hours with the demo should at least let him know if the the game trips his trigger.

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