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A dumb funny series of events

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Just sharing something that happened that I found quite amusing in Avernum 1.


I was crossing a river with the Orb of Thralni and tried landing near a hut. The hut had giant fishermen. We talked and they wanted us to just leave. I make a mistake and didn't make it back to land again. I just find it so amusing to imagine all that from the giant's view point. Four strangers come over, floating in the air. You tell them to leave, and they do. While leaving they just drop from the air into the water and drown.

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That's actually pretty rich! Unfortunately, it's only really funny when you put things like that in abstract, or devise a narrative which was otherwise not there. It's much in the same vein as what some Dwarf Fortress or other types of roguelike players tend to do, and those stories are simply amazing when the imagination is there. When it's not, you just get a grumpy gamer. :p


In terms of Avernum, you have the horrible irony of having what must be pretty legendary adventurers, who after a spell of kindness, plummet to their deaths along with many of the hopes of their fellow Avernites, as well as with a priceless artifact (or two, three, or what have you)!

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