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Is there any Lore concerning slavery in Avernum?


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I have an ambitious idea for a scenario that would revolve around a slave trade and some pivotal moral decisions ambiguity for the player.


However, I cannot recall any reference or lore from any of the Avernum series that would have mentioned or stated any laws or culture the empire or Avernum might have surrounding slavery.


Thoughts or feedback anyone?



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In Avernum 1, there are some slithzerikai villages that drive human slaves, in the swamps to the west of the central lake. In A Small Rebellion, there are some slaves of a species I can't recall (ogres or humans I think) growing, harvesting, and preparing sedative herbs, kept docile through the consumption of those herbs themselves. Harston in Avernum 2 is a slave colony run by the Empire, where the people have some measure of freedom but with the implication that if they try to leave or get lazy, death awaits them.


Otherwise, Avernum itself does not condone slavery. It's not explicitly stated but Avernum's fanatical insistence on freedom after leaving the abuses of the Empire more or less implies it.

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Yeah I naturally assumed Avernites would be very opposed to slavery as it would be in contradiction with their underdog culture/society against the Empire. I was curious about the Empire though, I guess you answered my question though, I dont recall much of Avernum 2 or that slave colony.


The only thing I needed to know was if the Empire had laws explicitly against it, this way I can make a scenario where it makes sense that the Empire has turned a blind eye to it, 'grey area' I suppose.


Thanks for that (also pretty incredible memory you have there :D)

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There's a lot of interspecies slavery casually referred to over the course of the First Trilogy:


- Sliths enslaving humans (noted above)

- Nepharim enslaving Nephilim

- Ogres enslaving Nephils

- Nephils enslaving Goblins

- Ursagi enslaving Goblins


- Human bandits "enslaving" slimes (under Jordan Bojar in X3)


The Morrow's Isle example is probably the thing that most closely resembles modern slavery -- i.e., a lifestyle of brutal servitude enforced by an economic system.


As the bandit/slime example suggests, I don't think Jeff intended to be very narrow in using this term.  This may explain someone in X3 saying Sulfras and Khoth were "enslaved" by the Empire in X2, while X2 clearly depicts Sulfras as a prisoner, not a slave, and Khoth as being forced into collaborating with them -- still not quite the same thing.  (Athron, of course, they never touched.)


It's also a stretch to say that Motrax was enslaved by Avernum.  Whether Motrax or Avernum initiated the "have the mages protect him" scheme, Motrax clearly describes it as an exchange -- they protect him, he provides information.  There's no forced labor and his wounds restricted his movements, not Avernum.  He didn't enjoy it, but that still leaves it a far cry from slavery.

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Ah yeah I see it now.


I was mostly thinking of slave trade in the harshest sense. Buying and selling humans or other humanoids like resources.


When I mean slavery I mean the fullest extent of it. I do recall now quite a few of the mentioned examples but they never really struck me as slavery, more like vassals, prisoners or captives.


The scenario I had in mind might be fairly confronting now that I think about it. 😕


EDIT: Also I'm astounded at how well you guys can recall the lore behind BoA. Kudos guys, seriously

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