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Modding the game - A1:EFTP

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Any instructions anywhere? In the steam folders I just found some scripts and graphics.
Im basically looking for a way to re-balance stuff (so just numbers) and to toy with animations (maybe even delete them all together? without crashing the game. No casting for spells, no meele attack, just pure number to make combat faster).
Thanks for any help!

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43 minutes ago, Warrior Mage said:

I don't know exactly what you are meaning here by 'modding' the game but that may probably be outside the scope of these forums if you mean something which breaches the code of conduct.

Nah, its just mostly about changing the parameters, not hard-coded stuff. It's doable cause Remix Mod for the game itself exists.

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There are no instructions.  The game was not actually designed with modding in mind.  Luckily, some of the labels in the file are clear from the outset and others can be sussed out with some trial and error.

- Removing animations should mostly be simple, but there are some abilities and effects where there could be complications.


- Re-balancing spells and abilities numerically without changing anything else about them is one of the easier things you can do.


I no longer have easy access to all the notes I made developing that... a decade ago?... but if you have specific questions, feel free to PM me.  A ground-up tutorial is beyond the scope of what I can offer right now, timewise.

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