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AV3 intro.

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I always look forward to the intro of a new SWS game. I appreciate the static visuals and framing text.

Were there budget constraints with AV3 or something? The intro was really below par. It felt like it really minimised the epic nature of the previous 2 games, with kid humour and a puppet show reenactment. Is the vibe of the game different, or just the intro that's lacking?

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Avernum 3 Ruined World?  The remake of the remake that came out a couple of years ago?


I just went & rewatched it.  It certainly wasn't up to a major gaming house's standards but for Jeff/SW it seemed fine.  It gave the history of the first two games & introduced this one without being way too long or getting bogged down into details that you're going to discover anyway.


The game itself is similar to the others, a sweeping story/setting that will give you several days worth of play time without ever (for me anyway) getting bored with it.


I don't know, it seemed normal/what I expected from SW

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The main reason Avernum 3: Ruined World's intro is like it is, is because it's grandfathered in from Avernum 3, where it was grandfathered in from Exile 3: Ruined World. In the Exile games, it's actually a step up, in terms of presentation and glamour, from Exile 1 and 2, which just have walls of text for intros. It might make sense to change the intro to 3 to match the others in presentation and tone now that they feature lush fantasy art in addition to the portentous prose, but the target audience for the remakes is both old fans and new players, and probably as many people would be upset by the change as would appreciate it.

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