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Avernum 3:Ruined World - Trapped in Ursagi Lair


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Have killed all life inside Ursagi Lair and explored everything. When I leave by the secret exit (after killing the last minute attack by Ursagi)

I am outside in a small enclosed area unable to leave. The end of the small passage is a wall. Watching YouTube games at this same spot

the end wall is missing and players are free to exit to the plains.


Purchased on Steam. Windows 10 updated. All drivers up to date. Verified integrity of game files. No cheat software installed.


Please help.

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That’s some unusual behaviour you’re seeing, n_clock. You’re quite right that the exit to the rest of the outdoors should open after you’ve passed through the Lair of the Ursagi and gone out the back entrance.


Have you accepted a quest from Delenn in Golddale to deal with the Ursagi? The title of the quest is ‘Clean Out Ursagi Cave’. Alternatively, have you fought a boss battle around the altar in the north-eastern part of the cave? The boss is the leader of the Ursagi, who goes by the name of Hrrackar. The party has a short dialogue with them before the battle starts, so it should be fairly clear if you’ve fought them or not. I know you said that you've fought everyone in the cave, but there's a possibility that the boss fight hasn't yet spawned for you.


I have a slight hunch as to what might be causing your problem. If I’m right, I might be able to open up the exit for you from where you are now – although I’d be more confident if you had a save file which is still in the Lair.


Alternatively, there’s another solution which will definitely help you. I’d like to see if my hunch about the cause is correct first – knowing the cause might help other players in the future! However, if it turns out your problem is due to something else, I’ll give you the more general solution, and let you know what you need to do to move on!


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I’m happy to help!


It sounds like you’ve done everything you can in the Lair, so it’s not quite clear why the exit isn’t opening for you. Unfortunately, a lot of the important details about this dungeon are hardcoded into the map code, rather than being more accessible in other places, so it’s not easy to tell at a glance what might be causing your problem.


I have a suggestion, although it’s something of a long shot. Load your game saved inside the Lair, then hold down shift and press d. A little text input box should appear. In this box, type this:


sdf 51 11 1


and press enter (or click on the tick). Now, leave the dungeon through the secret exit in the northwest. Walk right up to the wall in the outdoors which you know should be open, and see if anything happens. You may not see a change, but it’s worth a try!


If this doesn’t work, then I’m afraid you’ll need to try a more general approach. Load up your game again, and hold down shift and press d, as before. This time, enter this:




This is a debug command designed for situations like this. You’ll find yourself back at Fort Emergence, I’m afraid, but you’ll be able to continue on as before! I’d suggest not returning to the Lair of the Ursagi if you use this approach – its flags might be malfunctioning, so the dungeon might not behave properly if you enter it a second time.


I’m sure I don’t need to say this but, now that you know about this debug code, be sure to only use it in dire circumstances, such as this one. Leaving dungeons without using the proper exits has the potential to cause real continuity problems!

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