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Bosses in Scaramentum


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I can't seem to beat the battles of Humiliate the Ariel, All those plants and Fenig wolves, and Rescuing the prisoners in the Ukat, same, plants and Snakes.  Can anyone suggest buffs, weapons and Jewlerery and potions?  Also a new character from one of the regions with what given qualities?  Characters are at level 21  exp 12555, Playing on Normal difficulty  and the only Quests left are:

  • Reclaiming the Ariel
  • The Calamity Returns: I put tutu on statue 
  • Istara of Silven
  • Tovic's Advice
  • Aesfeth Ten Fingers
  • High Elvo
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It helps in the last part of the game to use support abilities or items that give haste and blessing. Inspiring cry (blessing) can be stacked up to 5 times with each one giving +2/3 damage to all attacks depending on your party level. So getting extra damage speeds the fights up and haste will increase character's speed to give attacks ahead of slower foes.


Humiliate the Ahriel is a scripted fight where more monsters attack as you damage the Ahriel. Theoretically if you kill him fast enough , then the script will skip bringing in monsters. Although Jeff tried to fix it so that is harder to do even on normal difficulty. If you can't kill him with enough damage at the end, then just keep healing and buffing the party while concentrating damage on one plant at a time, Use area effect attacks to hit clumps of monsters next to a plant.


Istara of Silven and High Elhovo are parts of Reclaiming the Ahriel so when you get a signed treaty with an Ahriel faction and report back to the general in the Ahriel Thicket it clears the quests.


Torvic's Advice is a multipart quest for resources. Clear Murkhala, Ashen Foundry, Stranger around Murkhala (soldier in a building), and Nagafen with reporting back after each part in Fort Darkfen to complete it.


Aesfeth Ten Fingers is using his Ahriel crystal to find magic at Castle Andesite (Tutu), Cinnabar Woods (acorn tree), and Pagarren's Stake (snake). Then do each request to clear whatever is needed there to end it. Once you report back from all three areas it ends.


The Calamity Returns is optional endgame to explore another land and get a better ending. It happens after getting all three treaties signed and sending in the generals.

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The Nisse are harder, but not that bad on normal difficulty. You may need to retrain some characters because that area has higher mental resistance to abilities. This place has 4 one way dungeons where getting out is harder than getting inside.


Some fights are considered challenge areas because of much higher difficulty compared to what you have faced. So have plenty of different saves so you can change your plans as needed.

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My style of play is particular: 4 archers who summon many skeletons (*). To humiliate the Ariel, my party is usually huddled by the river and a tree, I buff my party, I always keep a skeleton alive near Peadar and attack Peadar from a distance (except when spiders appear, I kill them first) ; when Peadar is dead, I run for the exit while summoning a few skeletons to occupy the remaining monstersthese trees have a lot of life points, they are slow, so no need to kill them.


(*) Basically, I give each member of the group the best possible bow/wand, all have energy potions and can summon a skeleton or cast a healing spell ; one can cast a group blessing/hate spell, one can cast a group healing spell. Concerning this battle, it is nice to have a Ahriel member in your party with radiance abilities and some Radiance items.

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