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Final Gauntlet - serious spoiler needed

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I forgot to take notes in my last game,  so I have been trying all night to get out of that huge room with shades, assassins, golems etc.  There are four buttons in all, the western one being blocked by some stalactites. Do I have to push those buttons in a certain order, and will the western one ever be accessible?


I hid in the lava passage to top up drained SP which took some time. As I didn't want to face the waiting mob I let my casters use Shockwave until the yelling had stopped.

Could anybody point me to the exit, please?

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The buttons have to be done in order and each time you do it, then more monsters are released. Obstacles get removed in order to reach the next button.


I remember after doing the first one that you need to do two on the eastern side with one at the top and the other at the bottom corner. But it has been over a couple decades so all I really am sure of was moving along the map edge  after killing things until I found a new button.

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I finished the game. What worked for me was to operate the topmost button first, then the one next to the entrance and after that the one to the east, beyond the sea of lava. The button behind the  stalactites stayed blocked, so it must have been a red herring all along.


I'm in the middle of creating my next party.

Thanks to all for your help.

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