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Stuck on the Aesfeth Ten Fingers quest


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So, I've visited both Cinnabar Woods and Pagarren's Stake and done both of the weird requests. I'm at Castle Andesite, and can't seem to figure this out. I've talked to the pylon, gotten the key, killed the four monsters in the locked basement room, but there is nothing in either chest. I've gone through the entire castle and searched every chest, and nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

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There is an object in the basement room chest, it's the only item in that chest, that you need to take back and give to finish this location.

The tutu so the statue can dance.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. When the Improbability Drive returns to normality, any problems you still have are your own.

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Alright, a useful first check would be to make sure you’re looking the right place. You probably are, but there are a few different locked rooms in the Castle, so there’s a small chance you might be checking the wrong one by mistake.


Load up the game, and stand next to one of the chests you’ve been checking in the basement room. Hold ‘shift’ and press ‘d’. A little text input box should appear. In this box, type:




This should bring up a little bit of text in your command window, similar to the one I’m going to post below this paragraph. If you can’t see the command window, press ‘c’. Are your coordinates close to the ones below?


X = 12, Y = 19 (Town = 40)


If you find that your coordinates are very different from these, you might be searching in the wrong place. Find the coordinates above, and you should be able to proceed! However, if you are indeed searching close to these coordinates, then something else might be happening. Let us know in that case, and we’ll try to find out what the problem is!

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Okay, that was a useful thing to check. It rules out one possibility!


What’s supposed to happen is that you find an item in one of the chests in this room. Unlike many other quests, this isn’t a special item. It’s a perfectly normal item that you carry around in your pack, along with your charms, potions etc.. If both chests are empty of items, then something unusual is happening.


This might sound a little trivial, but it might be worth checking through the packs of your characters, just to make sure you didn’t pick up the item with an accidental button press. It’s a unique item, so you should be able to spot it rather quickly if it's already in your pack. I’m sure you would have noticed if you did, but when dealing with problems like these, it’s worth covering all bases!


There is one other possibility. This relates to a bug in older Spiderweb games, one that’s resisted most attempts to tie it down. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been seen in Queen’s Wish, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there! To see if you’re experiencing this problem, I’d like to ask you to go and have a look in a chest somewhere, one which you know should contain items. If you’ve placed items in chests in any forts, for instance, you could check those. Alternatively, you could keep an eye out for chests in any new dungeons or forts that you visit.


What you’re looking for are any chests that you know should be full, but are actually empty. If you find something like that, let me know! It would be useful to know if this bug has persisted into Queen’s Wish!


Incidentally, I have a way to fix this issue for you, but it would be useful to try and track down the source of the problem first. If none of the above suggestions work, I’ll let you know what you need to do to get around the problem, and how you can progress with the quest!

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