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Avernum 5 - stone circle


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In Avernum 5, I was doing the mission for the stone circle by the drake pillars. Since it said the incantor didn't want the magic destroyed, I let the golem live and returned to town. Apparently, this did not complete the mission. When I went back, both the stone column and the golem are gone. Have I blown any chance to complete this mission? And does this prevent me from getting to Solberg's area??

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I don't remember what happens if you did it your way. Not doing the quest prevents you from buying training from him.


I think you can get the key needed to go into Solberg's area from a container with enough tool use, because there was a chance that the town goes hostile and you need to fight your way through it instead of peacefully.

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Do you have a recent save that you could go back to (without sacrificing too many hours of work...)? Even if you don't, the column should be gone but the golem should still be sort of in the area (it chases after you if you run).


Hidden contents what I did to get the quest done lo those many years ago



IIRC, it's been a while, what I did was activate the golem, leave my melee fighter/meat shield there to keep him occupied for a few turns & the others hauled ass to the east to get back to the city.  Melee guy would eventually get knocked out & the golem would start after the others.  Eventually he'd run out of energy about halfway to town & shut himself down.  Others would enter town, revive the melee guy & then go back out to find where the golem ended up & there would be a message about returning to the quest giver.


Welcome btw, always nice to see a new ... er ... face/letter in the box

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