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QW - Endgame Code

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This isn't a complete list since I haven't been able to determine what 5 of the 12 letter position are caused by in the game. I gave up after trying different dialogue options when you return to see Queen Sharyn, leaving different dragons alive, and favored nation status. I listed letters I've seen, but still don't know what they correspond to.


1st letter - unknown

- possible letters: a, b, c, e, f, g, k, l, o. p, q, r,  x, y

2nd letter - Queen Sharyn's dialogue

- d return to Haven

- e leisure life

- f to serve

- g to lead afterwards

3rd letter - unknown

- possible letters:h, i, j, k, l

4th letter - unknown

- possible letters: f, n

5th letter - unknown

- possible letters n, p

6th letter - unknown

- possible letters: b, d, e, f, g, i, k, l, p, u, v, y

7th letter - Dreams in Nisse Refuges

- a is no dreams bought

- b is at least one dream

8th letter - Nisse reaction and deals

- a Calimity returns

- b take deal at the tower's bottom level

- c take wish for leisure life

- d take wish to serve 

- f take wish to lead

- g take wish for a century of control

- h Total victory

9th letter - Sutter's reaction to what you tell the Queen or dialogue with him

- b serve

- g takeover as leader

- h serve

- n ?

- q takeover

10th letter - Utak faction

- r Brokk

- s Borgen

11th letter - Ahriel faction

- o Trench Town

- p Blessed

12th letter - The Vol faction

- o Mascha

- n Owen

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4 hours ago, ladyonthemoon said:


It seems that I've lost mine; I'll have to replay the game if I want to carry on the adventure.


I saved mine in a text file with a (basic) description of who I supported, what I did (as I had multiple games with testing) & then saved the text file into the QW folder so that I can find it/them again in a couple of years.


Too late for you this time around I realize, but for anyone who wanders into the thread before their endgame...


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For the record, ladyonthemoon, you should be able to recover your code simply by playing through from your last autosave. That will likely place you a few minutes from the end, given all the travel that goes on in the endgame, so you'll only have to play the game for a few minutes, skipping through some dialogue, to recover its end state.

Why not do it now, and record the code for your later use as TriRodent suggests?

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 1 hour ago, TriRodent said:

Too late for you this time around I realize, but for anyone who wanders into the thread before their endgame...


26 minutes ago, Ess-Eschas said:

Why not do it now, and record the code for your later use as TriRodent suggests?

Thanks for your suggestions and encouragements! 😉


Actually, I was wrong, I haven't lost my code. It was in my save folder. My confusion came from the fact that I'm using Linux now and I played QW under Windows. When I want to save important things, I generally store them on an external drive but, this time, I forgot to do it. Since I had to start Windows 7 this morning, I found it. If  @Randomizer wants to give it a try, here it is:



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Anyone have theories on what the unknown letters might represent? Your various tracked reputations (like how nice vs brutal you are, how much your mom likes you, etc.) might be involved in some of those.


The 1st and 6th letters are especially interesting since they seem to have so many possibilities. I wonder if they correspond to something that has a wide range of possibilities, such as time passed.

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I get the feeling it will be easier to work backward to figure out what they mean once QW2 comes out.


...Although I get the feeling some of the codes may end up doing nothing. It's very possible Spiderweb wanted to capture a number of variables just in case, but may not actually find a use for them during development.

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During the game I've thought about a couple of possible situations that could justify having an impact for next games, like supporting the arts (being a patron, expressing approval of Blessed art), allowing the use of Elixir by Haven's Army and not recriminating against Chief Adam's use of Elixir, through the small trials with Miranda becoming known as a merciless/greedy/benevolent commander...


It'll probably be easier to see what changes directly in QW2 but I'll still hope for a reveal of what each letter does once the game is out.

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Based on how Jeff likes to reuse previous work, we are using the same general map with a few new dungeons. The endgame code will give which factions are in control of the three lands when we start. How much time has past will be the major point in whether we see any returning characters.


I should see about replaying the game from a save before some other decision points like the Elixir use in order to see if that changes an unknown code letter. Although since I did the same choice for that each game, I don't think that is it. They are more likely some reputation score regardless on which side you picked.

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I don't know if I buy that.  I feel like if Sacramentum were intended to be a multi-game location, more attention would have been paid to individual characters.


Randomizer, you say "Based on how Jeff likes to reuse previous work" but that isn't actually how he operates at all.  Outside of Exile/Avernum, which was designed as an enduring game location way back in 1994, he's never reused previous locations en masse.  Geneforge and Avadon never do.

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Well considering who we faced in the endgame and that this is the first place the empire dealt with them, it is logical that in at last a hundred years they appear again.


Edit - Why would the endgame code care about the factions if they weren't going to be used next time. This is far away from the other lands by boat.

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Because they could be referenced -- by your family, or by the Nisse, who will presumably both appear in some form, and who would both have some access to most of this information.


What the heck would be the point of transferring the PC's reactions to the Queen and to Sutter if the PC isn't also in the second game?


I'm also just trying to imagine a QW style game, with it's clear-areas-set-up-forts-acquire-resources gameplay, on the same map as QW.  That would be an immense rehash, in a way that did not apply to an Exile II style game.


Finally, the endgame code feels a lot like a throwback to games like Ultima and Wizardry -- which Jeff has repeatedly cited as an influence -- where you could actually transfer your party (just the PC, in Ultima's case) from one game to the next, often with nerfs so you didn't start at max power.


I can't imagine there are going to be huge gameplay differences based on the code -- Jeff never really branches gameplay until the very end -- and this seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to just to set up slightly different dialogue about "the royal who was here 100 years ago" or whatever.

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With the mention of Sharyn's "3 big mistakes" during her earlier reign with Sacramentum being one I assumed with that we would get 3 Queen's Wish games each dealing with one of those in unique regions with our initial protagonist being the "troubleshooter" to Sutter's "heir/successor" and Delia's "sage/advisor".


Also having the story being wildly different due to our earlier choice could complicate QW2 and if we had to use decisions from both games to create the story for QW3 (if it happens) would be extremely taxing for the size of the Spiderweb team.


My guess would be the decisions would influence resources available (sided with Vol/Borgen? More resources at the start or provided by shipments), how Haven is perceived in the rest of the world (Subjugator vs Uplifter) and the perception of our protagonist that could influence how other important NPC's would act (accept our word if we're know as trustworthy or making us do extra quests if we're a whining spoiled brat).


If I dream a bit higher I could see the vassals being used as reinforcements for tough fights.

Need a swap cleared? A company of Ukatish swamp runners would be good to have.
Rebels are hiding a forest? Ask your Ahriel plantworkers to talk the trees into eating them.



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Per the other topic, we can now answer this question:


6 hours ago, Mechalibur said:

The land it takes place in is called The Rokaj (or The Ro for short), which will have 5 provinces. From the description, it once again looks like we'll be playing Haven Royalty, although it's not quite confirmed if it will be the same protagonist as the first game.


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The problem with it being set off in the future is the name of the game - too far out & Suter (potentially) takes over.  I'm fairly sure that 'you' are going to be the same as from QW1, especially as you did such a good job troubleshooting things the first time around...


Now QW3 I could see being set a little bit further into the future, especially if Queen Mom has died & there's now a power struggle between Suter & the now much more competent 'you'

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-all of these codes were the same save file and same exact convo with the Queen. i knelt, waited on her first coughing fit, and helped her on her second.


decisions made in the above convo:

1. kneel

2. wait

3. there is much i want to tell you.

4. i am done with sacramentum, i am home.

5. what do you want from me. 

6. step forward to help her 

7. why wasn't i told this was going on

8. all right.

9. i wish to continue serving haven

10. i would be most grateful.



Could any of those unknowns have to do with character gender/skin/hair/face? If the next game lets you play a continuation, "what you look like" may be important.


I was a light skinned princess with short dark hair.

No dreams, decided to serve, total victory. owen, trench, brokk.  All dragons dead.





same save file, only difference is my discussion with the queen:

-i asked her what is wrong instead of kneeling



same thing, only difference

-i remained standing instead of kneeling


I'm guessing between the first letter and sixth letter,

One of them measures your degree of court propriety or formality reputation, 

And one measures your relationship with mother or how she feels about you

(or maybe formality is naught to do with it, and both are some measure of your relationship with mother.  or maybe only the sixth letter measures your relationship with mother, and the first is a random "these letters mean the same thing" variable for something completely different)



exactly the same as first scenario except i tried to help her on her first coughing fit and she shot me the rage eyes. 



exactly the same as the first scenario except, I didn't even help her on her second fit when she was about to fall. 


Let me offer a hypothesis.  Maybe the first letter measures formality or maybe something else, but whatever it measures, there are groups of letters that mean the same thing.  like the first five codes I listed, i saved right before the queen and had the exact same convo with her.  Whatever it is measuring, N, W, U, L, and I mean the same thing for sure, at least.  


And maybe the second measures your relationship with mother.  kbpg and w mean the same thing.   tm and r mean the same thing.  They're either equivalents (maybe Jeff wanted to keep us from figuring this out so he made several letters mean the same thing) or maybe, certain things only have a chance at impacting X reputation meter, instead of it being a surety.  Or maybe these are ranges.


In summary I wrote all this to get nothing conclusive. 

Except one thing.


If you have the same save file and same exact convo with the queen several times in a row you will still get many different codes on letters 1 and 6. 



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Finished it again last night. QW really aged well and I was pleasantly surprised again with it.


I got tflfpyahbron .


I said To Serve to Sharyn. Chose Trench, Brokk, and Owen. No dreams and got total victory over the abusive psychopaths, built all forts, collected all trophies. Helped Sharyn when she was about to fall, not with the first coughing fit. Was known as pro-Haven, mild but not too merciful. Brokk favored. 

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On 4/28/2022 at 12:04 PM, Randomizer said:


I'm assuming the 1st and 6th letters are some reputation codes.


Agree, and my hypothesis is "this group of letters means one thing"   and "this group of letters means another thing" etc -- rather than one letter for each thing.  Perhaps an attempt by Jeff to prevent us from nailing it down too closely,  or maybe just one of those things.  Or maybe they're even ranges meant to add a little spice to the beginning of QW2 - to add some variability to how QW2 Sharyn sees you, even if you finish QW1 the exact same way.  Or maybe I'm overthinking it. Where's my coffee?



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i chose the trench, borgen and mascha, favored borgen. most of the dreams and killed out the nisse. was nice to everyone in the endgame but blocked sutters punch and said i want to serve haven all times

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wrote brokk instead of borgen
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