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What do you name your creations?


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Well put, Ess.  You and I clash over argument styles and definitely did here.  In this case we each brought some different assumptions to the discussion, on a number of levels.


"Argument styles" doesn't describe every sort of disagreement, of course.  Honestly, ADoS, I can't think of any time we've really done that, or have had that kind of personal clash, really.  We've had some arguments, but my involvement in those has usually been with my mod hat on, not as somebody else participating in a debate.


Speaking of mod hats, I'm going to lock this thread.  As Ess noted, the debate became far more about argument styles than actually about Geneforge, and it's now veered off into interpersonal interactions.  The Geneforge forum probably isn't the right place for this.  If anyone wants to continue the original topic, feel free to start a new thread.  (If anyone wants to continue the topic from the last few posts, I suggest moving to PMs.)

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