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Avernum in Linux

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This is potentially a useless question, or one with a simple answer: JUST USE WINE.


However, because I prefer to suffer (it's the Avernite way), and because more projects I will fumble around with forever couldn't possibly hurt (just causing unending misery instead), why not ask?


...What is there a way to get the old Avernum games to run in Linux without resorting to using WINE? It's a dumb question for sure. But, is it possible? Or, are we just going to wait for the source to be released like, a decade from now, and then have someone compile it to run natively then?


Alternately, is this a good space for another discussion - what if the source code is released under an appropriate license, such that it can be distributed across the various repositories? The catch would be that you'd still have to pay for the game data. Several open source projects actually work this way. Examples would include Arx Fatalis (never played it, just learned of it recently), FreeSpace 2 (know that one well, only total conversions are completely free), and I believe Penumbra works this way as well (this is a really cool game engine, just way too freaky for me to handle). This model kind of lets the community keep things alive while also letting the developer continue to get their due, even if it's not a lot. Also keeps the end users happy, knowing that as long as there's a will, they will continue to be able to enjoy their software.


...On that note, I'm also going to extend my thanks to Jeff for making BoE open source, as well as the maintainers of said source. It's the other game I really wish I had back in the day, but now it's open to everyone in entirety!

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On 6/30/2020 at 8:53 PM, Thaeris said:

..What is there a way to get the old Avernum games to run in Linux without resorting to using WINE?

I wish it was possible too. I switched to Linux Mint but I don't want to use WINE either. I actually tried. I installed WINE, installed Avernum the original version and apparently the game is working but it starts in false full screen with the title bar visible on the top of the screen. Since I don't really trust WINE, I deinstalled everything.


It seems that using VirtualBox would be a better solution, if you feel like trying it.


As for me, I still have Windows 7 installed in my computer, I start it when I want to play. :)

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