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[A:EftP] Steam game - cropped image. Help?

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Ladies and gentlemen, I started the game only to find that it crops the screen really badly as you can see in this image. :(


Checking the steam forums etc, I figured that the problem is that when you put windows 10 settings at 125%, it applies on this game too leading it to crop very badly around the edges. Practically, you lose 25% on each dimension. 

At the time, the only way to play the game is to manually change the windows settings to 100%, navigate the tiny graphics so I can start the game, play and then change windows back to 125%. 


This solution doesn't work well for me in the long-term as I often change windows while playing. I also don't want to play the windowed mode. 

Is there a permanent solution to tell windows to scale THIS game to 100% instead of 125%? 

Changing the resolution of the game to other sizes does not fix the problem as it changes the size first and then applies the 125%. 

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Go to the local files (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Avernum Escape From the Pit) and override high DPI scaling in the executable (Avernum.exe) as per the linked post, then start the game normally in Steam.



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